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III. Fraud Remediation Services

Since 70% of assets lost to fraud are considered unrecoverable, Verity Financial Fraud Examiners strives to prevent the loss from ever occurring. In the event that fraud has occurred, Verity has the resources to assist with the investigation and potential recovery of assets.
Being a victim of fraud evokes a broad range of emotions from anger to fear and vulnerability. Verity is able to advocate for victims of fraud with prosecutors, attorneys, and law enforcement. This is an integral part of the recovery process.
Verity Financial Fraud Examiners will take the lead in the investigation, recovery, and victim advocacy. We are there to support our clients through this very difficult time and we will help correct the system so that future fraud potential is reduced. 

Follow Up Investigation

Verity Financial Fraud Examiners has the experience and education to investigate the fraud and generate an understandable report for law enforcement.

Recovery Initiatives

Verity Financial Fraud Examiners is in the process of becoming a private investigation company. This will provide a unique opportunity to utilize tools not available to others.

Victim Advocacy

Fraud affects more than the checkbook; which is why advocacy is a priority. We will be there to help communicate the fraud and support you every step of the way.
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