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II. Fraud Investigation Services

In order to combat fraud, you must make sure your employees are properly
trained and aware of the protections in place. By instilling a culture of honesty and transparency, fraud is much less likely to occur.
We offer comprehensive on- or off-site speaking engagements to bring the message that fraud can be mitigated if a proactive approach is taken.
In cases where fraud is uncovered, we have the experience to perform an investigation that ultimately brings a resolution to the case.

Periodic Program Review

An effective fraud prevention program will review the effectiveness and program design on a regular basis to ensure your company is protected.

Ongoing Analysis & Evaluation

Current practices must include a review, analysis, and evaluation of current practices and procedures for updates and improvements to combat trends and potential fraud.

Continuous Monitoring

Verity Financial Fraud Examiners is there every step of the journey to ensure that your business is protected. This includes continual monitoring processes and systems.
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