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I. Fraud Education Services

We offer comprehensive on- or off-site speaking engagements to bring the message that fraud can be mitigated if a proactive approach is taken.
To add, our training programs are based on principles and procedures developed over the years by experienced fraud examiners through the international Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. It should be noted that these training programs can be tailored to management or line employees as needed.
In cases where fraud is uncovered, we have the experience to perform an investigation that ultimately brings a resolution to the case.

Prevention Education

In order to combat fraud, you must instill a culture of honesty while also making sure your employees are properly trained and aware of the protections in place.

Assessment of Internal Controls

A thorough assessment of best practices are to be reviewed annually to ensure utmost protection. Continuous reviews will enable the proper adjustments to be made.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

An extensive evaluation and assessment of your risk will be completed by asking difficult questions developed by the ACFE in regards to your business practices.
Assess Your Risk