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Risk Assessment


5 Fraud Questions EVERY Business Leader Should Ask Themselves

1. Has your company or organizations adopted a code of ethics for management and employees?

Yes, we maintain a code of ethics

No, we don't have a code of ethics

2. Are accounting and reporting duties segregated along with cross training and mandatory vacations?

Yes, reporting duties are separate

No, we don't segregate our duties

3. Are your employees and staff members trained to recognize fraud within the workplace?

Yes, we're able to recognize fraud

No, our employees are not trained

4. Does your company provide a Fraud Hot Line to report fraudulent activity?

Yes, our company offers a hot line

No, we don't have a fraud hot line

5. Does your company communicate to your staff and employees that fraud prevention measures are in place and being monitored?

Yes, we communicate to the staff

No, our employees are not aware

If you answered "No" more often than "Yes", you just might be at risk of Fraud.

Research shows that fraud is indiscriminate of employer size, industry or geography, so it’s imperative to take proactive steps to prevent and mitigate the effects of fraudulent activity.

Assess Your Risk